Alternative Finance SA

a financial services institution specialising in Asset Management and authorised in Switzerland

About us

Alternative Finance SA is a financial services institution specialising in Asset Management and authorised in Switzerland.

It is a member of OAD Polyreg, a self-regulatory organisation recognised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Alternative Finance SA was founded in June 2011 by a team of independent and experienced Finance professionals, motivated by an entrepreneurial spirit. The company strongly believes that its success comes from client satisfaction.

Alternative Finance’s mission is to offer innovative products to both private and institutional clients.


The returns offered by AF are the result of our statistic models which are aimed at reducing unecessary risks.

Our understanding of each individual client profile, the shared objectives, a long term competitive performance, a high transaprency reporting errors, risks and results are all our fundamentals to maintain a healthy and long lasting relation with our clients.

The wide range of investmenet opportunity offered are chosen on the basis of absolute return, keeping in consideration the time span of the investment, our determination in achieving stable and positive results over time, and as far as possible independent of the market fluctuations.


To be successful you need a trustworthy execution broker.
Alternative Finance SA provides a network of financial brokers and execution platforms to enable you to successfully trade a broad range of financial products.
To select the right broker for you, Alternative Finance will take into consideration the relevant authorisation, market capitalisation as well as the broker’s ability to support both corporate and retail clients in a professional manner.
Alternative Finance SA provides a bespoke service to every client, understanding specific requirements and helping to select the trading tool to fit the profile.


Trading Systems

A trading system is an algorithm based on specific rules that generate buy and sell signals whenever specific events occur in the market. These rules are defined by mathematical and statistical formulae that read the time, price and volume of an asset traded in the market to recognise recurring patterns and to anticipate long and short term trends.

An automated trading system benefits from software that automatically enters orders in the market whenever the trading system generates such buy or sell signals. An automated trading system eliminates emotion in trading and preserves discipline even in the most volatile market conditions. Orders to open a position are placed in the market in a fraction of a second together with take profit or stop loss orders. As a result, risk management criteria are applied properly, unaffected by human influence.

Alternative Finance SA relies on a team of highly experienced trading system developers. Clients can build a diversified portfolio, selecting from a basket of almost 100 automated trading systems on different kinds of assets. We boast a state of the art automated trading platform that describes in detail trading system ratios, historical performance and risk grade, allowing us to select the strategy to suit the client profile. For more information, please contact us.

Asset Management

Asset Managers invest on behalf of their clients, selecting from a wide range of traditional and alternative products using a Power of Attorney. Client monies are managed separately, not collectively as a fund.
As a bespoke service, each client’s portfolio is potentially different and is reflected in the profile stemming from an analysis of the existing portfolio, knowledge of financial markets and products, risk and financial goals.
Institutional investors like Hedge Funds, SICAVs and Corporations as well as high net worth individuals benefit from asset managers’ expertise in analysing market opportunities and selecting those that fit the client’s risk profile.
Each individual client defines the level of risk of his portfolio in terms of performance volatility and determines the asset class and/or financial products to invest in or to avoid. Such details constitute part of the contact between the Client and the Asset Manager and represent the criteria the latter will follow to manage the client portfolio. The Asset Manager operates with discretion within these criteria to substantially grow the client portfolio.


There are a vast number of investment opportunities available in order to provide the client with the best possible investment strategies to meet his requirements. Characteristics of Alternative Finance SA portfolios are:

•   Completely automated portfolio
•   Flexibility in the use of leverage
•   Daily controls of client trades and STOP signals if the client has reached his specified maximum draw down
•   Market diversification for balanced asset allocation

Hedge Funds

Alternative Finance SA specialises in the management of SICAV, SIF and QUIF.

Thanks to our established relationships with sector leaders, Alternative Finance SA, in addition to managing funds, will guide you through the regulatory process in order to obtain the necessary authorisation. We assist our clients by understanding their needs and by researching the best solution to be able to set up the fund in the appropriate jurisdiction. We propose a cost effective formula taking into account both set up and administrative fees.

Alternative Finance SA has also been appointed as sub-investment manager and sub-advisor for existing funds.

Trading Execution

Alternative Finance SA recognises that every trader’s profile is different. In order to be able to trade under the best conditions, we offer the broadest range of platforms available in the market.


Alternative Finance SA is able to assist investors in choosing optimal solutions, free from bias arising from conflicts of interest between banks and their promoter’s networks.

The management fee for the advisory service provided by Alternative Finance SA is paid directly by the client. High net worth individuals, in particular, have now realised the benefits of trusting professionals who are paid on a fee basis rather than accepting advice from financial consultants offering low transparency investments (with undisclosed fees).
Alternative Finance SA receives its remuneration directly from its clients as it is independent and free from conflicts of interest.
Our objective is to make the customer aware of the risks involved in the investment process, to define his profile and create a bespoke product or strategy from all the possible solutions on offer.


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